Film Synopsis


Shoeshine Boy is a feature film based on true events about a poor Dominican boy,  Robinson, growing up in the streets of a small Dominican village.  Robinson is inseparable from his 3 best friends, Carlos, Joselito and beautiful Sinoas, a girl he has had an eye on since his early teens. When a shoeshine customer makes advances towards Sinoas, she spills her liquid polish all over his shoes, setting off a thrilling chase scene through town. Robinson ends up hiding at the bottom of a pool of a big time drug dealer named Juan, to escape from the chasers.

When a local fisherman brings back a kiteboard he found in the ocean and uses it to fix a friend’s leaky roof, Robinson becomes obsessed with this foreign object and his life is changed forever as he throws himself into an action-packed journey to become the first ever Dominican Kiteboarding champion. But before he can succeed, he must first conquer love, peace and a spiritual awakening.