Our Vision

Our vision is very clear. We want to create a visually stunning film with an authentic and inspirational story suitable for an international audience.  The story is the heart of this film, but it has some of the best Kiteboarding and Parkour footage the world has ever seen on film incorporated into it without sacrificing the emotional component of the story line. One could say, we are determined to integrate seamlessly old-school movie making with cutting edge, state -of-the-art technology.

If we allow ourselves as individuals to step back and appreciate every moment and every human being that touches our lives with passion and openness, something very special happens. Our lives are transformed forever and we are rewarded with new experiences that go beyond our wildest dreams.

The Shoeshine Boy story is a story about a young individual, who despite having very few opportunities, finds himself on such a journey of self-discovery.

In bringing this film to life, we ask you to join in with your own journey of discovery. We invite you to look at the “shoeshine boy” within you and allow yourself to open up to your full potential. Your potential in life is not determined by uncontrollable circumstances and settings, racial or gender characteristics, or even economic conditions or access to knowledge. Your successes, greatness, and potential are determined by you alone; and all of the characteristics necessary to achieve your goals and dreams already lie within you.

We, as film makers, strive to associate ourselves with the best people available in the film industry both within the Dominican Republic and around the world, while pushing the envelope beyond anything that has ever been done in this country before. Our hybrid crew is at the forefront of an exploding film industry and we want to set a brand new standard for all future Dominican films to come.

Success is not to be measured by the position that one has reached in life, but the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed.” – Booker T. Washington