April 25th, 2012: Two Movie Premieres, two Nights to Remember!

Our executive team had the honor of attending two movie premieres at the Fine Arts Cinema in Novo Centro in Santo Domingo this month – and what an awesome experience this was!

The Christian film Refuge from the Storm was directed by our own producer Elias Acosta and the cast featured beautiful Dominican actresses Jane Santos and Angie Jerez, and American actors Michael Madsen and Kristen Quintrall.

This successful premiere was organized by a PR agent Angie Romero and attended by number of supporters, most notably Mr. Elis Perez, the Dominican Film Commissioner.

The movie Sophomore is a comedy about a group of tenth graders who enjoy taking others for a ride, while getting caught with their pants down, being dragged across an inter- section, or leaping out of a window.

The combination of great cinematography and catchy one-liners make this a worth-while movie to see. Following the premier, our team enjoyed hanging out with the actor and executive producer Sal Batista at the cool New York-style restaurant Segafredo, while rubbing shoulders with other DR film industry celebs. This fun event was organized by the actress and PR agent Joana Vargas from New York.

We would like to thank Elias Acosta and Sal Batista for including us in these memorable events.