December 5th, 2011: Presenting the Dominican Pros Jeanne Marcelino and Jurgen Hoppe

We feel extremely fortunate to have hooked up with Jeanne and Jürgen, the local producers for the MTV group and owners of the Caribemotion Film Studio in Santo Domingo. These two professionals are as professional as it gets!

Jeanne has taken me under her wing as her private chauffeur/assistant and I am in awe as I observe her in action delegating the local MTV crew and troubleshooting as needed. Her knowledge about the local film industry is really invaluable to me and my favorite parts of the entire MTV visit are our chats during the long drives to the film sets.

Jürgen is always there to help as well, and seems to have the magic touch when dealing with the local government officials, importing cargo and common sense logistics.

We would be incredibly lucky to have these two amazing people onboard for our production.