February 12th, 2012: Lindsay Chag: as Professional as it Gets!

One of the top Hollywood casting directors, Lindsay Chag, has been instrumental in setting up casting calls for our film’s lead roles and we have spent endless hours sifting through all the submissions this month, some of which are indeed very exciting, but we are not ready to reveal them to you yet. We have been very fortunate to partner with Lindsay, because she was able to come up with an excellent line-up of recognizable actors who have great experience. But don’t despair, if you had your heart set on being in our movie – after all is done and said, I am sure we will have casted half of Cabarete as extras, so you will still have your chance for stardom.

Because of the key connections we made at the Dominican Film Festival last November, we were able to assemble a cast of top Dominican stars as well, who are eager to participate in our film, obviously recognizing the magnitude and importance of our film nationally and also world-wide. Stay tuned for a release of an exciting cast list shortly.