Two more film studios for the Dominican Republic

Well, after Pinewood Indomina Studios made their public release for their new state of the art movie studio in the DR, Warner Bros and Sony pictures representatives from both major studios landed in SD last week and are actively carrying out surveys of the DR for theirs as well…

Dominican President Leonel Fernandez had visited with the executives for both studios during a visit to the US, where he told them that the DR was more than open to host studios with ample facilities from the state.

The fact that several actors of high caliber like Michelle Rodriguez, Zoe Saldana and others of Dominican descent, have made their impression in the studios and moviegoers have not escaped the executives eyes and ears.

Vin Diesel was the first major Hollywood figure to push the local government to open up for the studios and films in the country. He was very vocal about supporting the local film producers and actors to dream big and aim for big projects in the country.

AXT is setting up shop as well in the Dominican Republic, in order to offer the backdrop services required by all major studios in the industry today.

The Juan Dolio area has been described as the best suited for hosting the type of large studios and facilities required by such companies. The willingness of the local government to work in creating the perfect conditions for the studios to set up in the country are best described as limitless, and fully cooperative.

The running joke around Juan Dolio’s community is that the name soon to be label for the site is “Doliowood”, as the acronym for Tinseltown came about.

The Dominican Republic has been host to several major movies in the past, where films like the Godfather saw scenes being filmed in important places of the country.

All that remains is to know which major movie studio to set shop in the Dominican Republic’s Doliowood, will come out with the first major film for audiences around the world!

AXT Press release.