We Support

Shoeshine Boy supports local and national charities that empower children through education. Our ‘Shoeshine for Education‘ Program is designed to get children off the streets and into schools for a brighter future. We wish to express gratitude to the following partners, who share our vision of making education a top priority in eradicating poverty and who have so generously supported us in the film making process. These charities are leaders in making the absolute most from the funds collected with a hands-on aproach in education and community involvement. Please support our ‘Shoeshine for Education‘ Program by making a contribution to the following charities.  (To donate, please click on their logo below).

The Mariposa DR Foundation: 

  • Supports early childhood development programs that provide the children on Cabarete with the critical foundation they need for educational success and a healthy life.
  • Develops model public schools, providing assistance to promising students facing extreme challenges
  • Does whatever it takes to keep girls in school
  • Provides girls with a safe place to be themselves and a comfortable environment where they can develop a strong sense of self.
  • Helps poor Dominican and Haitian young women ages 11-17 to develop healthy relationships and feel empowered to make a difference in their lives, their communities and the world.
  • Promotes girls’ health and educates young women about physical and mental health and HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention in order to break the cycle of extreme poverty.
The Dream Project: 

  • Provides quality education for over 2,000 children annually through 24 programs in 11 different communities affecting the lives of over 4,000 community members.
  • Recruited over 780 local and international volunteers to teach at our schools, work in our summer camps and help with service projects (over 162,000 volunteer hours).
  • Constructed 25 buildings, including one model education center, five libraries, 22 classrooms, three fully equipped computer labs, two community centers, new roofs, bathrooms and sports facilities.
  • Completely renovated 2 public elementary schools: Puerto Cabarete and Colonia Nueva
  • Secured and distributed over $400,000 US worth of school supplies, books, and other in kind donations.
  • Established a self-sufficient Montessori preschool in 4 communities with Montessori-trained staff.