Gunther Thallinger

Thomas Krygier, one of Europe’s top commercial directors, referenced Thallinger as one of the most talented new directors. According to Krygier: Thallinger’s work is fresh, different, very engaging and emotionally charged. He will have a dramatic impact in the film industry.

Thallinger studied writing under Frank Daniels and Robert McKey, and subsequently optioned his screen play “Standing Out” to Fischer Film in Vienna. He is also an alumni of one of America’ s top writing schools, “The Writer’s Boot Camp.”

Picked by one of the most prestigious literary agencies in NY, Elaine Marksen, Thallinger co-authored Paul West’s screen adaptation for “Ratman of Paris”, starring Martin Landau, an Academy Award Winner. According to Landau: “Thallinger and Karen Blake wrote a stunning novel adaptation of Paul West’s “Ratman of Paris”. I will enjoy starring in the movie.

Thallinger’s portfolio also contains numerous commercials, music videos and short documentaries, amongst them Converse, Thai Streets and Prestigeous Models.

In 2005, Thallinger relocated from NY to the Dominican Republic and co-founded GT7Media, a commercial company, which has completed dozes of films to date and now focuses on cutting edge 3D animation, 3D compositing, and high concept industrials.

Today, GT7Media is proud to call some of the largest and most successful Dominican companies its clients and is leading the way in high-concept industrials with state of the art animation, as demonstrated in Thallinger’s unique Lifestyle Holidays commercial films.

In 2008-2009, Thallinger directed several documentaries, amongst them a commissioned documentary on Globalia’s Juan José Hidalgo, which premiered in front of 2,000 people in Punta Cana and received a standing ovation.

His ground-breaking cinematography skills make him one of the best and most sought-after cinematographers in the Dominican Republic and he credits this to spending over 700 hours behind the camera each year. His subjects have ranged from the local shoeshine boys to top models, superstars, world champions, high US Government Officials and even the President of the Dominican Republic. He also filmed numerous live concerts, such as The World Music FestivalGroundation, and Los Illegales.

Thallinger’s greatest asset is his extensive experience behind the camera and his ability to tell compelling stories.