January 16th, 2012: This is it!

Well, this is it! It’s now official! We are making a feature film and there is no going back. We’ve kept things kind of quiet up until now, taking time for networking, doing research and fine tuning the script, and with the overwhelmingly positive support we’ve been getting, things just kept on getting better and more interesting throughout the year, so we are now ready to dive in head-first to make the best film possible.

If I learned anything since the start of this project, it is that a lot of planning is required to make a good film and that a thorough development and pre-production stage are critical to the success of any film. To accomplish this task, it requires a lot of good people working together for a number of months, so we hope to have your support and encouragement along the way.

Over the next few months, we will be recruiting investors, crew and cast, including many extras and other support team members. We hope we can count on you in one way or another, whether it’s filling a critical role or just sending this link around, sharing it with your friends, or liking us on Facebook. All of your support will count, no matter how big or small.

So, join us on our journey as we step into the exciting world of movie production. My goal is to blog as much as possible, so that you can experience this journey with us.