March 28th, 2012: Our producer Elias Acosta wins the prestigious “People’s Choice Award” at the International Film Festival in Santo Domingo

Our producer Elias Acosta made history this past weekend by becoming the first ever Dominican to win an award in 14 years at the Muestra Internacional de Cine de Santo Domingo And it was not just any award! Elias was chosen by the people to win the prestigious “People’s Choice Award” for his latest film Refuge from the Storm.

The film features a German actress Kristen Quintrall, who has been in “Apocalypse”, “Universal Soldier”, “Quantum Apocalypse” “Cyborg Conquest” among others, plus Michael Madsen, who is best known for his role in “Reservoir Dogs”. His career spans over 25 years and 170 films.

The film tells the story of a young woman Linda, struggling against forces beyond her control, which eventually changes her way of seeing the world and transforms the lives of others.

Refuge from the Storm is the next generation independent film based on Christian faith. It is being released in the theater of Fine Arts in Santo Domingo on April 5th. Congratulations, Elias!