May 30th 2011: Getting Lawyers Involved

So, it’s getting serious now. We had a meeting with an excellent lawyer Jeanette Garcia from García Blanco Asociados today about creating a Dominican Corporation.

I love our new corporate name – 7 Flying Fish Productions. Leave it to Jens to come up with something this cool!

It has cost us over $1,500 US to set up a Dominican Corporation, but it appears to be a worthwhile investment and it has a number of benefits, the main one being the protection of our personal assets. It also gives us a more professional image and significantly increases our ability to raise funds, since investors prefer to deal with corporations, instead of individuals.

Making a movie is complicated, and for every cool thing you see onscreen, somewhere there is paperwork that describes it, secures permission to film it, releases it, etc… We feel that it is critical to hire a good lawyer to make sure that we’re doing everything right: filing all the proper legal paperwork and protecting ourselves and the film from any legal issues. Jeanette and her business partner Marta Cabrera have been incredibly professional and supportive in our project and we feel grateful that we have such incredible lawyers on our side.