Nov 27th, 2011: The SHOESHINE BOY Script gets copyrighted, critiqued

Well, the script is finally copyrighted, and we are now free to share it with all interested parties. We have also decided to hire professional script readers, whose feedback was very useful in helping us figure out the strengths and weaknesses of our script. I am of the belief that a great critic can push you and your work into exciting terrain. A detached eye will see things that you can no longer perceive, because you have been looking at it too long. Having said that, a bad critic can kill your self-confidence, water down a strong creative vision and ultimately push you to go places that you were never meant to visit, so we realize we need to selective about our choice of critics. We are working with an online company and are very satisfied with their thorough and practical feedback on our script.

Those of you who have read the first draft of our script already know that it has a very exciting and emotional ending, but you probably agree with us that Act One is a little long and will need to be trimmed down. We will take the next few weeks to massage the script until it is strong all the way through. This step of the process is really important, because if you don’t have a killer script, you have nothing.

We are also struggling with identifying the genre of the movie, since Shoeshine Boy it has a good blend of action, drama, romance, sport and even some comedy throughout, and it’s tough to pinpoint the exact genre, but I am confident that with the help of the professionals, we will have it figured out soon enough.