October 26th, 2011: First Draft of the Script is Finished

Günther has turned out to have some hidden talents, one of which is script writing. Having graduated from one of America’ s top writing schools, “The Writer’s Boot Camp”, Günther had all the tools he needed to deliver an excellent script for SHOESHINE BOY and he presented us with the first draft by the end of the October. Putting all of his other video projects on hold for several months, he found inspiration for the SHOESHINE BOY story by working in a Sosua bar day and night, while interacting with the locals, including some very colorful characters. Jens was happy to offer support and feedback throughout the lengthy writing process.

First time I read the script, I went through an entire barrage of emotions within a few hours – anticipation, excitement, sadness, and in the end, intense happiness (for me, that meant uncontrollable sobbing for a good 5 minutes, LOL). The story structure was truly amazing. The twists, the misdirection, the constant flow of action, the intensity, the strategic plot points to move the story – all was quite amazing. Günther is proving to be a man of many talents.

I have come to a realization that story telling is considerably harder than just plugging in a formula you learn in film school. It actually requires amazing creativity and patience to pull it off successfully. I feel incredibly grateful to have such a gifted writer on our team.